Chemistry School papers

September 27, 2008

Panicking at the upcoming O Level Chemistry papers? Confused between weak intermolecular forces and strong electrostatic forces of attraction?

Acing the O levels will require progressive approach:

1. Acquiring knowledge

2. Reinforcing knowledge

3. Internalising knowledge

At this stage, most (ok, some!) O level students would have been through stages 1 and 2, and would be starting to, or be in the middle of, stage 3. Internalizing what you know would require exposure to different types of questions from as many sources as possible.

Where do you get these sources from? Why, from other schools’ exam papers, of course.

It has long been common knowledge that Singapore schools set their prelim papers to be of a higher standard than the actual O level papers. So, doing the Five- or Ten-year Series to the death would probably not be enough, as 20 000 other students are out there doing exactly the same thing!

You need to have that edge.

Here are the following Prelim 2008 exam papers available (WITH ANSWERS!)

Pure Chemistry

Prelim papers from 25 different schools, including independent and autonomous schools!

Science (Chemistry) to be updated!


Papers and answers will be in soft copy, burned onto a DVD-R. Only $10 per DVD, with discounts when you order 10 copies or more.

Email for details. Quick, the exam dates are nearing!